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The audience loves when the band takes risks; that is what people go to see a live show for. So improvising live in front of people is what we love to do, and that is what brings people in — because it is very much a ‘this show is never going to happen again’ moment.” - Melissa Peterson

Jackson Hole News & Guide (2018)

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Over the past four years Tim Norton has been traveling these great states with his band, The Moves Collective. In 2020, the winds are shifting and new sounds are on the horizon. Norton is dancing from the Psychedelic Americana jam band style of The Moves to producing and releasing tracks with a bit of a different sound under his own name.” - Amanda Jacobs

Tahoe Onstage (2020)

I often get goosebumps when listening to a really well written and emotionally relatable song or performer. That is my goal with writing and performance; to move people emotionally and connect over life’s myriad of experiences.” - Tim Norton


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...success is found in the fulfillment of purpose that you set for yourself. Somedays I feel very successful and I certainly do not make 6 figures a year. Other days I feel like a failure, despite being surrounded by family and friends that love me. Completing a task or action, fulfilling a promise to my son, planning for something and executing well – all of this is success in my eyes. It’s not a simple definition because it’s always changing for me.” - Buzz Magazine SD

Buzz Magazine (2020)

Norton remains as driven to make music. “I've always had a desire to explore the world around me, in every way imaginable,” he said. “Music taps into this beautiful timeless place where we can create without limits, sort of bouncing ideas off each other, the performer and the audience - the artist and the observer. It's difficult to put to words, but that feeling of connectedness definitely drives my musical obsession and urge to share my stories,” he said. Read more: San Diego Community News Group - Ocean Beach s closes tour at The Holding Company” - Bart Mendoza

Peninsula Beacon / SD Community Newspaper Group (2019)