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Holding on to a Dream

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I wish that I could be it all
With the big bang, we feel so small
My regrets, they fall in line
While this world keeps changing,
Our love finds it’s rhyme

Oh-oh-oh, I never wanted you to see
Oh-oh-oh, This awful side of me
Oh-oh-oh, It keeps holding onto me, yeah
Well I’ve been feeling like
I can’t through this
With you so far from me

The days where I can’t find myself
My vision blurs to a distant place
I can feel your questions in the wind
But the sound is lost in the fog and haze

Why are we
Holding on to a dream?
These lies do their
Best to keep me company
Time seems to
Circle back to tease me
These days it just feels like
We won’t get through this
Without changing the very scene
Are we holding on to a dream?