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(Love Is) What I'm Searching For

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I had way too much making this. I wrote the chords, lyrics and melody on the road with The Moves Collective, this past Fall in Colorado. It speaks of the confusion we all experience within the adventure of finding and understanding 'Love'.

If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of a kitchen behind the guitar track - water running, dishes clinking and soft chatter. Instead of re-tracking it, I thought it added to the recording, giving it a sort of intimate and real feel. Hope you enjoy!

Huge thanks to my sister Hanna Norton and my brother-in-music Josh Nathan for helping me with this track.


"(Love is) What I'm Searching For"

Writing, Production and Arranging - Tim Norton

Tim Norton - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Midi Instruments & sounds
Hanna Norton - Harmony Vocals
Josh Nathan - Harmony Vocals, Electric Piano



It’s strange to see so grey
How she came and she went away
Our seasons forbid the same
Never ending, that’s how we play

Words can only paint the picture
Love is what I’m searching for
She moves with a blazing pace
I was told to not get burned
Love is what I’m searching for

Well beyond what fades today
We’re alone, though desire weighs
Heavy, in our changing ways
We’ve now become laced in vain

My love, how she screams, “it seems so different
isn’t Love just what you’re searching for?”
Said “I move, well I move with a blazing pace
I can’t promise you for when I’ll return”
She said “Love is what I’m searching for”

I remember the day you came
Through the thunder and the numbing pain
Right beside your heart I’ve laid
All my worries and all my rain

“My son, how you seem to live so different
Is love all that you’re searching for?“
Said “we choose our path in a blaze of fury
While we hope that we don’t get burned”
Love is what I’m searching for