Timothy John Norton

Tim Norton is the Co-Founder of The Moves Collective, and currently resides in Ocean Beach, California. Growing up in the forests of Ashland, Massachusetts, Tim went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston before moving to California in 2013.
Tim’s mission is woven into his undying creative force – his passion for performing, recording & touring projects, his educational gifts and selfless community driven volunteer action – all say the same message: 
Share the expansive gift that music ushers into the world, for it brings deep joy to all.
 Tim continues to push the creative envelope to attain respect and admiration within an industry that is constantly re-inventing itself. Through his dedication of helping people grow through artistic expression, Tim has built a professional teaching business, Norton Music Education over the past 4+ years.
You can find Tim either on the road with the band, out in SoCal seeing concerts or with his son Hendrix making wild sounds and smiles. You can reach him (this whole 3rd person thing is fun!) via Email for any questions!
Tim Norton Music [@] Gmail [dot] com