5.27.17 – More & More Music!

Join me at these upcoming performances! I’ve got a busy year ahead and I want to keep you all updated on the joy I’m spreading, the projects I’m working on and the beautiful chaos that it takes to create art and then share it with the world.

It’s been this wild ride of accepting and directing.  Writing the script while following an unassuming natural order.  I’m living brighter every day and I hope you can join me as I continue a deep exploration of my favorite form of artistic expression –  live performance.

  • 5.28 – Sunday – Solo Acoustic Performance

    – Sheldon’s Service Station | La Mesa, CA ~ 8am-11am [Free]

  • 5.31 – Wednesday – w/ The Moves Collective & Shaky Feelin’~ [Dead & Co. Late Night]

    The Mint | Los Angeles, CA ~ 10pm-1:30am (Tickets)

  • 6.1 – Thursday – TMC & Hannah Rowan Present: Arts & Crafts!

    Rabbit Hole | San Diego, CA ~ 8pm

  • 6.3 – Saturday – The Moves Collective

    – Goddess Fest | North County San Diego, CA ~ 9pm

  • 6.16 – Friday – The Moves Collective

    – The Music Box | San Diego, CA ~ 9pm

  • 6.24 – Saturday – The Moves Collective  

    – OB Street Fair | Ocean Beach San Diego, CA  ~ 4pm

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